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CMEF first day: BASDA explain "science for life escort" Upanishads

April 17, 2016, the 75th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Fair grand opening in the National Convention Centre in Shanghai, BASDA and domestic and foreign medical device companies and tens of thousands of visitors share of high-tech precision medical bring change to a healthy lifestyle.

As the backbone of the domestic high-end medical equipment manufacture enterprises, BASDA bring permanent magnet MRI, superconducting magnetic resonance, X-ray, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and other series of nearly 20 products exhibitors, advanced product concept, brand differentiation strategy and beautiful design, It shows the life science and technology escort different esoteric. Energy saving ideas is to give "science for life escort" top-level planning. Due to the world's first open 0.7T superconducting magnetic resonance too bright, "the permanent consumption", "the permanent replacement product", "only 120L liquid helium" became to use the highest frequency term in current CMEF NASDA booth on the first day. Over the years, BASDA Illuminati prophet social significance of energy saving, pioneered the superconducting and open architecture combined developed a high field strength, low-power, multi-functional 0.5T, 0.7T superconductive open MRI system, far ahead of the industry.

Brand differentiation strategy is to show the "Science for life escort" Omni directional thinking. BASDA has the industry's most comprehensive magnetic resonance imaging system, with the 0.2T, 0.3T, 0.35T, 0.42T, 0.5T five kinds permanent magnets MRI and from 0.5T, 0.7T, 1.2T, 1.5T to  3.0T superconducting MRI products, combined with X-ray, ultrasound, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine products, formed a complete network of high-end medical imaging products to meet the different users and different professional needs for the whole of human health orientation escort.

Practical compact design adds "science of life in defense of" cultural tastes. Bei Sida has always been to "real, hard work, practical" , BASDA product is not only superior in quality but also design beautiful, harmonious lines, fine workmanship, practicality, aesthetics access to the customer's praise